Coming from a Greek word (μóρφωση, morphōsi) that encompasses the concepts of spiritual cultivation, education, and the sharpening of critical ability, our name describes our vision. MorphosES aims to assist, inspire and educate children by enhancing soft skills, leading them towards their personal morphosis.

Our platform of Morphoses connects learners and parents to certified independent instructors leading live classes in small groups. MorphosES vision is to assist, inspire and educate children in the best possible way leading them towards their personal morphosis. Our courses enable the individual and the team to effectively seek and find the way to deal with challenges with strength and determination, to turn mistakes into opportunities to grow wise, while remaining flexible and happy.
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Enable learners reach their full potential through soft skills

"Epi-morphoses" has been created to provide tutors with the knowledge on how to deal with soft skills (21st century skills/fundamental skills etc.).

Have you ever wondered how crucial it is to motivate learners? Having high-impact relationships with students is one of the most rewarding parts of education. Our tutors support young learners in discovering their full potential through ongoing discussions, engaging, fun activities, and a solid platform. They begin by reaching activity goals, they continue to build meaningful relationships and cultivate soft skills and they end up leveling up their personal and professional lives by becoming the best version of themselves while enjoying the fun and interest-led process!
You can unleash your superpowers of soft skills by conducting the “Epi – Morphoses” e-learning, the dedicated platform for tutors. 


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